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Fork N Spoon is a Baton Rouge-based small business, born in early 2020; 

more appropriately known as the year of COVID.

We signed our kitchen lease ONE week pre-global shutdown.  

Right as the world was closing its doors, we were trying to open ours. 

Quite an undertaking for 2 twenty-something sisters, right? 

We knew we hadn't come that far to go down without a fight. 

While not an ideal set of circumstances, the shutdown gave us time to pivot.

Pulling on the background of our chef & owner, Kristen Abshire- 

we debuted our feel-good food in the form of pre-ordered prepared meals.  

Through this, we were able to feed people from the comfort and safety of their homes. 

As public restrictions started to lift, nearly one year later...  

We decided it was time to open our doors & serve fresh food to the community. 

After looking into the nearby restaurant scene- 

We quickly realized how underserved the breakfast market was in our area. 

We knew an all-day breakfast spot would be a hit! 

We aspired to create a welcoming space;

one where anyone can come hungry & leave happy.  

Our decor was chosen to exude a calming warmth. 

Our menu was designed to offer a unique spin on a homestyle breakfast. 

After lots of blood, sweat, tears & a whole pandemic-

Our restaurant officially opened on July 6, 2021.

Since then, we've met & served SO many amazing people. 

In light of a very successful first year in the restaurant & consequently rising demand-

We made the difficult decision to discontinue meal prep operations.

Seeing our dream come to life has been nothing short of amazing. 

Connecting with our community is a rewarding & motivating experience. 

We absolutely love what we do, and you can taste it in our food. 

We're eternally thankful for the support we've received since opening,

& we can't wait to see what the future has in store for our brand! 

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